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About us

Towards Re-engineering Management & Technology

Vision Statement:

To be an esteemed leader in higher education to solve the social challenges of global rural society.

Mission Statement:

Institute of Management and Rural Renaissance (IMRR) endeavours to ensure teaching – learning atmosphere in which students, teachers & staff can research, review, retain & remit the intelligence, information & ideals that ensure sustainability for future procreation and mitigate the challenges of rural society.

IMRR Objectives:

To offer a lively, interactive teaching – learning atmosphere and pedagogy

To provide articulated feedback to encourage student for self- assessment and inspiration

To ensure quality learning outcomes, thorough instruction and evaluation of all courses

To use Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to ensure operative methods and resources of teaching that increase access to learning

Core Values:

The core values of Institute of Management and Rural Renaissance (IMRR) are a set of ideologies that are aligned with Institute’s mission and monitor the practice and development of curriculum, students, faculty, staff and other stakeholders.

Ethics – Foster a learning environment that promotes responsible, principled behavior which respects the dignity of all members of the community.

Integrity – Conduct all activities in an ethical manner. Commit to practices that are fair, honest, and objective in dealing with students, faculty members, staff, and stakeholders at all levels of the community.

Student Service – Strive to ensure that curriculum, delivery, and support services respond to inquiries, requests, and concerns in an appropriate and timely manner.

Quality – Provide educational programs that lead to the acquisition of knowledge and skills necessary to achieve information literacy, career advancement, personal enrichment, leadership, and service to the community. To ensure program quality, IMRR assesses practices, policies, and procedures on an ongoing basis to strengthen the overall effectiveness of curriculum, instructional delivery, and operations.

Brief of About Us:

Institute of Management & Rural Renaissance (IMRR) is a brainchild of Odantapuri Educational and Welfare Society. The name has been taken from the oldest educational centre of Bihar. Odantapuri is also called Odantapura or Uddandapura. It was a Buddhist Vihara, what is now is called Bihar a state of Republic of India. Odantapuri was established by King Gopala of the Pala dynasty during 7th century. It is considered as the second oldest university and was situated in Magadh. Presently it is known as the Bihar Sharif (Headquarters of Nalanda District). According to the Tibetan records there were about 12,000 students at Odantapuri. Odantpuri was situated at a mountain called Hiranya Prabhat Parvat and the bank of the river Panchanan.